Holistic Database Service and Operations Management

When you need more than ticket based support, our team of database professionals are readily available to tackle the complexities of your database service infrastructure hands-on 24x7x365, augmenting your team or working independently.

Coupled with an advanced performance monitoring and fault management platform, our team is geared to identify high risk patterns and avoid outages before they occur, as well as rapid response at solving emergency issues to minimize service impact.

We provide ready made tools as well as development services to automate common maintenance tasks including new deployments, archiving, backups or partition management, integrating fully with a continuous integration environment and source code repository for end to end technical operations visibility.


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Database Reliability Engineering includes

  • Database layer solution design and architecture
  • Installation, upgrades, configuration, tuning and troubleshooting of ProxySQL, MySQL and related technology
  • Database schema management and migration support
  • Routine database maintenance and overnight activities
  • Implementation of high availability and failover automation
  • Continuous integration environment implementation
  • Data sharding and tailored database automation
  • Management of backups and recovery, on-premise or in the cloud
  • Periodic health checks and performance audits
  • Deployment of proactive performance monitoring graphs as well as fault management and alerting
  • Ad-hoc project or operational outsourcing and support
  • Source code management of database related scripts

Areas of technical expertise

  • ProxySQL

  • MySQL / MariaDB Server

  • Amazon AWS Aurora / RDS

  • Galera Cluster

  • Percona Server

  • Percona XtraDB Cluster

  • MySQL InnoDB Cluster

  • MySQL Group Replication

  • MySQL NDB Cluster

  • ClickHouse

  • MHA

  • Orchestrator

  • Ansible

  • Consul

  • C/C++

  • Python

  • Docker

  • Kubernetes

  • Jenkins

  • Grafana

  • Prometheus

  • Nagios

  • Sensu

  • Datadog