A High Performance MySQL Proxy

Features at a glance

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ProxySQL is trusted by countless organizations across the globe to meet their MySQL scalability and High Availability goals

ProxySQL scales millions of connections across hundreds of thousands of backend servers

ProxySQL is MySQL / MariaDB protocol compliant and natively supports popular backends:

  • Amazon (AWS) Aurora & RDS
  • ClickHouse
  • Galera Cluster
  • MySQL / MariaDB Server
  • Oracle MySQL InnoDB Cluster & Group Replication
  • Oracle NDB Cluster
  • Percona Server & XtraDB Cluster
  • SQLite (embedded)
  • With zero vendor lock in, ProxySQL ensures that your applications retain full MySQL compliance ensuring simple and clean integration into your environment.

  • Deploy ProxySQL directly on your application servers, as an intermediate proxy server or combine both approaches by cascading ProxySQL, the freedom is yours.

  • Route writes to primary servers, distribute reads across replica servers and use advanced query rules to define specific routing criteria.

  • ProxySQL’s Connection Multiplexing feature intelligently reduces connection usage by sending multiple frontend connection requests to a single backend connection.

Guarantee uptime in critical situations by complementing your deployment with a ProxySQL Subscription Service

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