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How do I configure ProxySQL to connect to MySQL?

Port 6032 is the default port used by the “Admin interface”. Through this interface you can configure ProxySQL and get metrics from it by using a normal MySQL client.

For configuration, also check out the documentation.

How can I connect to a MySQL server through ProxySQL?

In order to connect to MySQL servers through ProxySQL you should connect to Port 6033 (by default).

For configuration, also check out the documentation.

Does ProxySQL support ip address whitelist?

ProxySQL supports some sort of IP address whitelisting. Field mysql_query_rules.client_addr can be used to filter traffic based on clients addresses, therefore it is possible to allow traffic from specific addresses while blocking everything else.
The catch here is that the filtering is done on the queries only: clients not in the “whitelist” can still be able to connect to ProxySQL, although their queries will be blocked.

Also check out the documentation.

Are requests load balance for a single connection?

Yes, by default, it is possible that the requests coming from a single connection are evenly distributed among all the backends of the same hostgroup.

Also check out the documentation.

Why do I get Detected a broken connection during query on .... : 2006, MySQL server has gone away

This message means that the backend server had closed the connection, but ProxySQL reports the generic error message because it has no knowledge of the root reason. As for now we have seen that the most frequent reasons for this error to appear are: * wait_timeout * large packet

In proxysql cluster´╝îwhy will the synchronization of mysql_users generate two records?

When you add a user in mysql_users with both backend=1 and frontend=1, you are actually creating 2 users: one for frontend and one for backend.
Although in mysql_users they can be represented (only represented) as one row, they are actually 2 users. In fact, runtime_mysql_users shows 2 users and 2 rows.
ProxySQL uses runtime_mysql_users for syncing users, thus 2 users are synchronized, and in the receiving nodes they are recorded as 2 rows in mysql_users too.
Once again: even if you see only 1 row, they are actually 2 users.